Application Procedure for Organic Certification -

Organic Crop Producer, who wants to apply for organic certification procedure can register their farms for organic certification with ROCA. He/she can apply in the following two ways

  1. Individual Organic Operator.
  2. Organic Grower Groups.

For both the categories application Pro-forma & respective organic system plan formats are available on the website.

  1. For individual organic operator following documents are required with application forms.
    1. Detail of crop production for forthcoming year (pro-forma on website)
    2. Photocopies of land documents
    3. Photocopy of PAN card of applicant
    4. Farm map describing neighbouring activities
    5. Agreement with ROCA
    6. Longitude/Latitude of the land, if it can be recorded & reported
    7. Lease agreement if selected land is taken on lease basis, or consent letter if the land is of family members.
  2. Requirement for registration as Organic grower groups –
    1. Farms with land holding less than 4 hac. area can organize together to form a grower group, farms should be in geographical proximity having similar crop production system adopting organic production practices as per NPOP standards for internal management of group an internal control system has to be constituted.
    2. A group should contain a minimum of 25 & maximum 500 farmer members.
    3. Approved farmer list should be submitted with application.
    4. Crop production plan for the forthcoming year (Pro-forma of OSP on website).
    5. Agreement with ROCA for organic crop production.
    6. Manual of ICS describing organization, structure & responsibility.
    7. PAN No./TIN No. photocopy of ICS Manager/Mandator.
    8. Farm map of the group indicating location of the farm.
    9. Pro-forma of internal checklist.
    10. Pro-forma of farm diary.

Organic processors, Traders, Input approval applicants & wild product collectors can download Pro-forma of application & OSP from website & can apply to ROCA for registration after filling necessary information.

Last Updated on : 06/11/2016
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